Choose from several predefined profiles or create your own customization for
illuminating, without limitations. Many setting choices gives you the opportunity
for popular usecases. The application is completely usable per touch screen,
supports menu (click display bottom) or fast access menu (click center image).
Feel free and enjoy your lifestyle. Usage will be introduced below.
  This fancy application take part in the Google Android Developer Challenge II  
  Current version: 2.0.5  
- Precondition: Start of application
- Content: First view and show current profile settings
- Interactions: Menu, Fastmenu
- Precondition: Click on center image
- Content: Direct start of illumination profiles
- Interactions: Select one
- Precondition: Start profile via menu or fastmenu
- Content: Use Profile settings, start Illumination
- Interactions: Menu
- Precondition: End of illumination arise
- Content: End visualization (depends on profile)
- Interactions: Menu, About (click image)
- Precondition: Click menu settings
- Content: Create, modify, delete profile settings
- Interactions: Menu
  Some popular profile setting excerpts:
- Wellness break:
Duration: 30 sec
Color theme: Default animation
Conectivity: Minimal ring volume
End behavior: Exit
- Burnout break:
Duration: 1 hour
Color theme: Userdefined color=black
Conectivity: Do not disturb
End behavior: Remain
- Torch (spot):
Duration: 5 min
Color theme: Userdefined color=white
Conectivity: Untouched
End behavior: Remain
- Baby:
Duration: 6 Hour
Color theme: Default animation
Conectivity: Do not disturb
End behavior: Remain
- Feel free:
Duration: ...
Color theme: ...
Conectivity: ...
End behavior: ...