Nuclear Disaster Escape is the ultimate Nuclear Plant Guide and gives you a fast and easy overview to all active nuclear reactors worldwide based on exact GPS position data. Useful characteristics like electricity output, reactor blocks, lifetime and further informations, results into a deep insight of your nuclear surroundings. Choose and find the fast way to escape from those hazard’s simply with one click, when you feel in nuclear emergency.

It’s time to know ALL!
  Nuclear Disaster Escape  
  Current version: 2.0.8  
Generally usage.
The intention of application usage.
Some Screenshot's for easy understanding...
Type in here the name of the nuclear
plant you are looking for.
Show nuclear reactors around your current GPS position depending on a radius filter. If there
is a nuclear plant typed in the search box, the
GPS center will be shifted to this particular position. Click in the map on each reactor icon
to see the details... .
Escape from your phone position or from the particular nuclear plant typed in the 'Fastaccess' select box. Most important predefined key words are available with one single click or enter your own target.
Behind this menu item you will find useful informations, like your so called 'favorit's'.
In the next version you get the ability to send undocumented nuclear places with short text
and image ...
Click here to inflate the application menu.
Reset the name search. Additionally the Escape menu will be reseted from the particular reactor
to your mobile phone location.
After the disaster in Fukushima/Japan, I decide to create an app which gives all people a better overview about the current nuclear plant situation. So I work hard during one week from 13.03.-18.03.2011 each day from 21:00- ~3:00 o’clock after or before my ‚daily’ work. Thank’s to my family.

Feel free.

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